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#AMiNORMAL 5 - Binge Eating

  • 13min
  • France
  • 2021

The manual of mental disorders, the DSM, grows thicker with each new edition. There seem to be more and more psychiatric disorders, notes the maker of #AMiNORMAL, Mika Orr, whose father is a psychiatrist. In eight 12-minute episodes, the series takes a humorous and compassionate look at various disorders. People from all over the world talk openly about their experiences in online interviews, in their own familiar environment. A psychiatrist then explains more about the condition in question.

Comic animations keep the documentary light and accessible, and thanks to the diverse backgrounds, genders, and ages of those interviewed, any viewer can find something to identify with. The format of the documentary series raises questions about what normal behavior actually is, and where the dividing line lies between, for example, being not very sex-oriented or having sexual arousal disorder.



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