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Behind the Mask

  • 1h 29m
  • Paul Trotman
  • New Zealand
  • 2022

One kiwi doctor reveals the inside story of the global pandemic. A story that will make you realise the true cost of working on the frontline.

Behind the red lines and the closed doors of our hospitals, facing massive workloads, lack of equipment, and even their own mortality, healthcare workers around the world continued to turn up for work and look after Covid patients. They worked under extreme conditions facing an illness, that once it took hold, killed a frightening number of people. They looked after the young and the old, they looked after dying neighbours, friends and colleagues. In the end it was their dedication to the job and their patients that kept them, and our healthcare systems, going.

During the Covid pandemic Doc Edge alumni director Dr. Trotman, _Donated to Science, was stood down because he is immunocompromised. In March 2020, frustrated and looking for some way to contribute, he started documenting the experiences of his colleagues around the world. This is their story, told by them as it happened, via Zoom, and from their unique point of view.

It’s an intense, confronting and emotional story of a system overwhelmed, of teams of healthcare workers who put their own physical and emotional wellbeing to one side, overcame their fear and continued to put their patients first despite the odds. As a result of this heroism, over 3,000 doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers paid the ultimate price.

It’s a story that needs to be told. It’s a story that has to be told.


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Category “We Are the World” presented by Air Tahiti Nui


Paul Trotman


Clive Copeman


Paul Trotman




New Zealand

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