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Bye Bye Tiberias

1h 22m Lina Soualem France 2023

In her early twenties, Hiam Abbass left her native Palestinian village to follow her dream of becoming an actress in Europe, leaving behind her mother, grandmother, and seven sisters.
Thirty years later, her filmmaker daughter Soualem returns with her to the village and questions for the first time, her mother’s bold choices, her chosen exile, and the way the women in their family influenced both their lives.

Set between past and present, the film pieces together images of today, family footage from the nineties and historical archives to portray four generations of daring Palestinian women who keep their story and legacy alive through the strength of their bonds, despite exile, dispossession, and heartbreak.

Screening with the short film

The Poem We Sang
Annie Sakkab | 2024 | 20 min | Canada, Palestine, Jordan Asia Pacific Premiere

An experimental film that meditates on love and longing - the love of one’s family and the longing for one’s home, contemplated through overcoming the trauma of the loss of a family home and of forced migration, transforming lifelong regrets into a healing journey of creative catharsis and bearing witness.


Lina Soualem



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