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Girl Gang

  • 1h 38m
  • Susanne Regina Meures
  • Switzerland
  • 2022

Fame, free sneakers and a million followers. A teen influencer’s dream or a living nightmare?

The film closely follows the life of Leonie, a 14-year-old rising teen influencer who lives on the outskirts of Berlin. She’s got a million followers and counting, and hordes of adoring fans. But the pressure to produce content is massive and she begins to struggle.

Seeing economical potential in her internet stardom her parents step into the role of full-time managers. They want her to have a better life than they had.

As Leonie ventures into the perils of puberty, her parents are suddenly faced with a difficult situation: to protect Leonie from the dangers of the internet as parents should or pushing her to work as her managers. Her life becomes dictated by brands and pressure. At such a young age, will she cope?

A fascinating insight into influencer culture.


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Category “Work It” presented by EMA


Christian Frei





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