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Going Circular

  • 1h 30m
  • Richard Dale
  • Nigel Walk
  • Netherlands
  • 2022

Meet four groundbreaking thinkers who have hope for the future. Our planet holds the secret. The circular economy.

Circularity is an economic system based on the idea that nothing should go to waste. A simple idea that is at the heart of nature, but it is far from the way most of us live. Living this way can save our planet and save us from climate change.

From the clothes we buy to how our houses are built, the amount of waste we produce and the quantity of water we consume, Circularity allows the consumer to take the power back. You have the choice to live this way.


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supported by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Category “Work It” presented by EMA


Richard Dale


Nigel Walk


Nigel Walk





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