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I Am Not

  • 1h 35m
  • Tomer Heymann
  • Israel, Guatemala
  • 2021

A heartfelt portrait of a young man searching for his roots and his place in society.

Oren is a teenager who was adopted from Guatemala by an Israeli family when he was a baby. Growing up, he’s battled false mental diagnoses and suffered ridicule and racist treatment due to the colour of his skin.

Wielding his small video camera, Oren decides to embark on a life-changing mission to the country of his birth. His quest is to find his biological family and define his identity.

Filmmaker Tomer Heymann is Doc Edge Alumni. His acclaimed film Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life screened at the festival in 2019.

I Am Not won Best Director Award in the Israeli Competition at Docaviv 2021.


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Category “Being Oneself” presented by Soar Communications Group


Tomer Heymann


Barak Heymann


Tomer Heymann


English, Spanish, Hebrew


Israel, Guatemala

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