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Long Live My Happy Head

  • 1h 28m
  • Austen McCowan
  • Will Hewitt
  • United Kingdom
  • 2021

A tender and uplifting love story about a graphic novelist with a brain tumour who communicates his experience of cancer through creativity and humour.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour in his early thirties, Scottish artist Gordon Shaw decided to create a comic book chronicling his experiences in the medical system.

The tumour that Gordon decides to call Rick takes on a life of its own in the comics, helping him come to terms with his diagnosis and shortened life span.

As the tumour grows, the Covid-19 pandemic hits, forcing Gordon into isolation, away from his long-distance partner in the USA. This film explores how art, humour and love can combat our fears of mortality when we are faced with the reminder that the clock is ticking.

Emerging Edinburgh-based directing duo McCowan and Hewitt have a passion for Gordon’s artwork. The two decided to make this film a positive story about optimism and creativity in the face of adversity.

If you purchase the film, you will be invited to our interactive Virtual Hub for a digital Q&A with Director-Producer Austen McCowan and Director-Editor Will Hewitt on the 11th of June at 9:30PM.

Click here for more information about Doc Edge Festival Virtual Hub.


Category “Fearless” presented by Mindfood


Austen McCowan


Will Hewitt


Austen McCowan




United Kingdom

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