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Melting Dreams

  • 1h 24m
  • Haidy Kancler
  • Slovenia
  • 2022

Try to behave normal.

Three Afghan girls travel to Europe to become pro skiers, but life in the West is not what they dreamed it would be.

In the mountains of Bamyan in Afghanistan, Zakia, Fatima and Fariba dream of becoming professional skiers and representing Afghanistan at the Olympic Games. When their European ski trainer Ana announces they can go to Europe to train extensively and become licensed ski instructors, they seem one step closer to achieving their dreams.

The girls prepare for their trip, dedicating all their efforts to it for two years. But when they finally arrive in Europe, they face insurmountable cultural differences and prejudices, and the harsh standards of European professional sports.

Grappling with disillusionment, the girls are tempted with alternatives including illegally fleeing to Germany. Their idealisation of the Western world begins to vanish, so do their dreams of skiing. What begins as an opportunity to follow their dreams and find a better life turns into an unpredictable and emotional rollercoaster with high-stakes consequences.

Melting Dreams offers up a unique perspective of Afghan culture not often shown, and the universal theme of dreaming big.


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Category “Fearless” presented by Mindfood


Haidy Kancler


Boštjan Virc


Ari Matikainen


Sabine Gruber


Peter Drössler


English, Afghani, Austrian



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