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  • 1h 19m
  • Olha Zhurba
  • Ukraine, Netherlands, Denmark
  • 2022

This is the story about how and why one becomes a criminal.

Imagine being released from an orphanage into the adult world with only a knife and a lighter in your pocket.

After his mother was deprived of parental rights, Romani boy Roma escapes to the Ukrainian Revolution. His childhood street skills and experiences of survival in a devastating environment turn into advantages as he engages in the most dangerous events of the revolution. The people around him admire his courage and for the first time in his life, Roma is accepted by society and feels that he is necessary.

In the aftermath of the revolution, Roma ends up at a boarding school without the necessary psychological and social rehabilitation.

When he turns 18, Roma is expelled from the orphanage without money, accommodation or a chance of graduating. He returns to his native town of Yahotyn and gradually immerse into the criminal world.

Filmed over seven years, Director Zhurba explores what happens to children who grow up in horrible life circumstances, children we only notice when they harm us, children we put behind bars. But what if we noticed them earlier?


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Category “Through Generations” presented by Rei Foundation


Olha Zhurba


Darya Bassel


Ukrainian, Russian, Romani


Ukraine, Netherlands, Denmark

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