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Penelope, My Love

  • 1h 28m
  • Claire Doyon
  • France
  • 2021

The ferocity of a mother’s love trades the battle for the path of peace.

For 18 years, director Claire Doyon has been filming Pénélope, her daughter with autism and Rett syndrome.

Composed of DV tapes, Super 8 reels and HD archives, this film traces the relationship between mother and daughter through different stages - the shock of the diagnosis, the fight against it, the resolve, the acceptance and discovery of a different mode of existence.

This deeply moving and intimate film is a tribute to the mother-daughter bond and what our children can teach us.


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supported by French Embassy

Category “Fearless” presented by Mindfood


Claire Doyon


Carole Chassaing


English, French



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