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1h 48m Toby Robson United Kingdom 2024

Out of the ashes of loss, can one man use mixed martial arts to save young people from the toughest parts of our society? Zero opportunity, poverty and crime are common themes in the housing estates of Sunderland, North East England. A once proud region of industry, is now a wasteland scattered with the relics of the past, as generations of government continue to neglect it.

The film immerses viewers in the captivating realm of a mixed martial arts (MMA) club in North East England, dedicated to empowering youth. At its helm is our protagonist Steven, who haunted by his stepfather’s tragic suicide, resolves to effect meaningful change in both his world and the community he calls home.

Despite a backdrop plagued by crime, poverty and neglect, can Steven use MMA to save a group of young people with their own unique challenges?


Toby Robson

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United Kingdom

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