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Searching for Amani

1h 20m Debra Aroko Nicole Gormley Kenya 2024

13-year-old Simon Ali is an aspiring investigative journalist living in Laikipia, Kenya, a lush area where elephants roam, and part of the savannah still thrives. It’s also one of the most unstable regions, making headlines for its violent clashes and record-breaking droughts.

In 2019, armed pastoralists killed his father while he worked as a tour guide. For over a year, Simon waited for the investigators to come and do their job, but they never came. Taking up the mantle of the investigation himself, Simon begins to search for the answers his family seeks. Shot over three years, exploring the life and death of Simon’s father catalyses a conversation about the changing environment, conservation, and community equity in a time of crisis.


Debra Aroko


Nicole Gormley





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