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Sonic Fantasy

  • 1h 37m
  • Marcos Cabotá
  • Spain
  • 2021

Meet the man who broke the rules and records.

In every profession there is someone who changes the rules of the game. In music, that person is Bruce Swedien.

In the early eighties in Los Angeles, Bruce embarked on a project with Michael Jackson that revolutionised the music industry forever. For the first time, those involved in that project tell the unknown story behind his work and how his talent ended up being an essential piece in the history of popular culture.

In this, the 40th anniversary of the release of one of the most important recordings in music history it is the perfect time to introduce you to the man behind the best music you’ve ever heard.

If you purchase the film, you will be invited to our interactive Virtual Hub for a digital Q&A with Director Marcos Cabotá Samper on the 4th of June at 9:30PM.

Click here for more information about Doc Edge Festival Virtual Hub.


Category “Thank You for the Music” presented by Auckland Unlimited

WATCH THE Q&A here - recorded from a live session in our Virtual Hub


Marcos Cabotá


Paula Serra





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