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Spontaneous Combustion: Songs for Barry Brickell

1h 10m Bruce Robert Foster New Zealand 2024

A celebration of Barry Brickell’s legacy and the realisation of his extraordinary dream, Driving Creek Railway, a productive pottery with numerous kilns, a railway, a native bird sanctuary, and a lively creative hub drawing artists from around the globe.

The film reflects the sensual attachment Brickell felt to the land and human form, as expressed in the ceramic sculptures that defined his creativity. It is a paean to all Barry held dear: the bush, the railway, the company of friends, conversation, and song. A cinematic montage of historical stills and film from present-day Driving Creek is woven with a spirited, poetic narration by Greg O’Brien, with a sumptuous soundtrack including compositions by Gillian Whitehead and Ross Harris.


New Zealand

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