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Stand Up, My Beauty

  • 1h 50m
  • Heidi Specogna
  • Switzerland, Germany
  • 2021

In modern-day Ethiopia, women unite through storytelling, music and motherhood.

Nardos, an Azmari singer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, yearns to tell stories about the lives of ordinary people through her music. Her dream is to write her own song that denounces the blatant discrimination of women in the East African country.

In search of stories for her songs, she meets Gennet, a poet who lives on the streets with her children.

As Nardos puts the lives of Ethiopian women, their visions, and power, at the centre of her creation, we dive deeper and deeper into a rapidly changing country. The women Nardos meets share tales of the hardships they’ve endured, unearthing the traumas of the nation’s recent history. By sharing their stories through traditional music, the women foster an enduring and inspiring bond.

Stand Up My Beauty is directed by award-winning German filmmaker Heidi Specogna. Specogna’s 30-year career is characterised by in-depth research and a tendency to explore topics that may have fallen out of the new cycle, but nevertheless remain deeply relevant to our world.


Category “We Are the World” presented by Air Tahiti Nui


Heidi Specogna


Heino Deckert


Rolf Schmid




Switzerland, Germany

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