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Summer Nights

  • 53min
  • Ohad Milstein
  • Israel, Switzerland
  • 2021

How does the world look through the eyes of a six-year-old child?

Summer Nights offers a window into a child’s world: his fears, his desires, his way of thinking. An exploration of the subconscious of an innocent and ingenuous child, as he falls asleep and drifts into the depths of his own mind.

Israeli director Milstein captures his six-year-old son Alva as darkness takes hold and his imagination sparks. The father and son, whispering to one another so as to not wake Alva’s sister, talk about life, death, and everything in between.

While the viewer is introduced to the mind of a child, Summer Nights is ultimately a film about fathers and sons. Through conversations with his son remembering the events of the past summer, and with his father reflecting on their own relationship, they examine the very nature of fatherhood.

The film has been lauded for both its technical mastery and its poetic tone. Milstein’s approach is intimate and nuanced, lulling the viewer into a hypnotic familiarity with the bond between a father and his son.

Milstein is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer, based in Tel Aviv. Summer Nights is his fifth feature, and winner of the First Prize (Frank Lowy Award for Best Israeli Film) at DocAviv International Film Festival 2021 and Best Documentary at the 2021 Israel Academy Awards (Ophir Awards).

If you purchase the film, you will be invited to our interactive Virtual Hub for a digital Q&A with Director Ohad Milstein on the 7th of June at 9:00PM.

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Category “Through Generations” presented by Rei Foundation

WATCH THE Q&A here - recorded from a live session in our Virtual Hub


Ohad Milstein


Rahel Streiff


Ohad Milstein


French, Hebrew


Israel, Switzerland

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