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The Jewish Nazi?

1h 26m Dan Goldberg Australia 2023

A young boy witnesses his family being massacred during the Holocaust but cheats death by escaping into the frozen woods in Belorussia. He is eventually captured by a battalion that was absorbed into Hitler’s SS and faces the firing squad and their death pits.

But instead of killing him, they make him their child soldier, their ‘Mascot’. They give him a false name, and fake birth date, adorn him with a pint-sized uniform and arm him with a sawed-off rifle.

The film is a gripping true crime-esque investigation into whether his incredible survival story – as well as the discovery of his long-lost Jewish family in the late 1990s – was in fact true or a Holocaust hoax. It follows director Goldberg on his quest across the globe in his bid to solve the mystery of The Mascot.


Dan Goldberg





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