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Uncle Bully's Surf Skool

39m Leah Warshawski United States 2023

When a global pandemic decimates the tourism industry across the Hawaiian Islands it means no travel, no tourists, and no surf lessons. Surf instructor Bull Kotter (or ”Bully” as he’s lovingly called) suddenly finds his small business pushed to the brink. So he turns to his community-Lahaina-not for help or a handout, but to give back. From surf culture to ocean respect, to kindness, Uncle Bully is translating etiquette in the line-up into etiquette in life. This is a film about the power of one person to shape a more hopeful future for the next generation, and (sadly) it is the last documentary filmed in Lahaina before the wildfires burned the entire town and left many people in the film homeless.

** This short film will be screened as part of the Shorts 2 collection **


Leah Warshawski


United States

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