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Viral Dreams

  • 1h 26m
  • Sagi Bornstein
  • Udi Nir
  • Germany
  • 2021

Seven young people from across the world share their exciting plans for the year ahead. Suddenly the virus arrives.

Their world explodes. Composed entirely of videos uploaded to social media over the course of 2020, this is the story of a generation growing up in a rapidly changing world.

The unprecedented times unfold right before their eyes. From the pandemic, through to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the US elections, the film depicts the resilience of these Gen Z’ers as they come of age in the face of global change and unrest. As youthful exhibitionists, they post about everything they experience. From long-distance relationships to job loss and financial hardships to surprising political awakenings, we get a bittersweet insight into the realities and courage faced by a generation.


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Category “Work It” presented by EMA


Sagi Bornstein


Sagi Bornstein


Udi Nir


English, French, Spanish, Malayalam



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