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Woodgirls - A Duet for a Dream

  • 1h 16m
  • Azadeh Bizargiti
  • Iran
  • 2021

Women are building it for themselves.

Follow the unique story of Leila Avakh and Sedigheh Momennia, as they follow their dream of opening a carpentry workshop run by women for women.

With much love and passion, Leila and Sedigheh have chosen a profession that is considered extremely masculine in the traditional societies of the Middle East. They are some of Iran’s first female carpenters. Licences and formal training in such trades are unavailable for women.

Despite the obstacles and difficulties they face, they are determined to prove to themselves. They refuse to let go of their dreams.

Armed with self-taught skills, guts, and a deep determination, Leila and Sedigheh bravely face cultural traditions to fight for what they believe in.

If you purchase the film, you will be invited to our interactive Virtual Hub for a digital Q&A with Producer Kaveh Farnam on the 4th of June at 4:30PM.

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Category “Work It” presented by EMA

WATCH THE Q&A here - recorded from a live session in our Virtual Hub


Azadeh Bizargiti


Kaveh Farnam





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