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Much like popular online video streaming platforms such as Apple TV or Google Play, you book tickets by “renting” the film. In order to rent and watch a film, you will need to:

  1. Log in - If you are new, create a new account. If you are returning, just sign in.
  2. Browse - Once you are logged in, you can browse the festival film passes or individual films, and click “Add to Wishlist” to create a selection of films you want to rent.
  3. Purchase - After you pay by credit card, your chosen passes or film(s) will be added to “My Library”. All prices include booking fees. A credit card charge may apply.
  4. Watch - You can watch the films between 1 June – 10 July 2022. After starting the film, you have 48 hours to complete watching it.


Group – Two or more viewers $21
Watch with as many friends as you like.

Concession / Single $17
For under 25-year-olds, seniors 60+, or one person watching a film, enter promo code DEF22


_Watch more films for much less._All our plans can be found on here.

Binge Passes

Shorts (39 films) $20.00 ($15 off)

Features (73 films) $100.00 (was $365)

Matariki Collection $83.00
Eleven films celebrating Aotearoa and its filmmakers.

Category Passes

And… Action $78.00
Taking you behind the scenes of six of the world’s greatest screen icons.

Being Oneself $117.00
Nine Inspiring stories of incredible people in their search for identity.

Fearless $91.00
Seven stories of people with the guts, grit, and determination to fight against the odds.

Ripple Effect $104.00
These eight impact films will inspire you to take action.

Thank You For The Music $91.00
Seven stories about musicians who have helped shape the music industry, from musicians you’ve never heard of to the world’s greatest superstars.

Through Generations $117.00
Nine stories about different generations and their intersecting lives.

True or False $91.00
Seven stories too unbelievable to be real… or are they?

We Are The World $156.00
From all over the globe, here are twelve universal stories that connect us to each other.

Work It $104.00
Eight feature films that show the changing nature of work and life.

Animation Sensation $8.00
Eight animated stories that truly reflect the human spirit.

Being Oneself $10.00
Ten inspiring stories of people in their search for identity.

All In The Family $7.00
Seven stories that prove there’s nothing more important than family.

Ripple Effect $7.00
Be inspired to take action and help make a difference with these seven powerful stories.

We Are The World $7.00
From all over the globe, here are seven universal stories that connect us to each other.


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