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The War of Chimeras

1h 34m Anastasiia Starozhytska Mariia Starozhytska Ukraine 2017

“The War of Chimeras is bright – to the point of flashes in the eyes, brutal – to the point of heartache and touching – to the point of taking the breath away…”

Natalya Ishchenko, film critic, “The Day”, Ukraine

The film is a true tale of love, war, and mortality, as witnessed by those who lived through its tumult. Director Anastasiia Starozhytska and her partner, the valiant warrior Valery Lavrenov, chronicle their personal journey amidst the chaos, baring their souls to each other.

As Valery faces the Ilovaysk cauldron’s horrors, Anastasiia seeks to comprehend the fusion of love and conflict while exploring ruined towns. Through candid dialogues, they navigate war’s emotional terrain, from escape to post-war life and a shared frontline expedition.


Ukrainian, Russian



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