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Ans Westra Private Journeys/Public Signposts
1h 12m Luit Bieringa New Zealand 2006
A Broken Earth
35m James Muir New Zealand 2020
Make It 16
18m Jess Feast New Zealand 2021
Paper Dolls
20m Andrea Kahukiwa New Zealand 2021
16m Jess Feast New Zealand, NZ Shorts 2020
Sea Within A Sea
25m Danech San Cambodia 2021
We Rock!
13m Morgan Leary New Zealand 2020
Who I Am
23m Naomi Ball Australia 2022

Schools Competition Tertiary Films

Plastic - a love letter to the estranged (Tertiary Winner 2023)
14m Va'a Magalogo New Zealand 2023
Big Kids (Tertiary Finalist 2023)
11m New Zealand 2023
M.A.Z. (Tertiary Finalist 2023)
11m Connor Te Tahi Stuart New Zealand 2023

Schools Competition Secondary Films

Self Portrait (Secondary Winner 2023)
34m New Zealand 2023

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