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Virtual Classroom Feature Films 2023

A Story of Bones
1h 35m United Kingdom 2022
African Moot
1h 25m South Africa 2022
Call Me Dancer
1h 24m USA 2023
Deep Rising
1h 33m USA 2023
Finding Her Beat
1h 28m USA 2022
Frances Hodgkins, Anything but a Still Life
1h 30m New Zealand 2023
Into the Shaolin
1h 31m China 2023
Jane Campion, The Cinema Woman
1h 38m France 2022
Keep Stepping
1h 30m Australia 2022
Rachel's Farm
1h 24m Australia 2023
1h 37m Australia 2023
Sam Now
1h 27m USA 2022
1h 25m New Zealand 2023
Taking Back Our Beach
1h 27m New Zealand 2023
The Endangered Generation?
1h 30m Australia 2022

Virtual Classroom Short Films 2023

Big Kids (Tertiary Finalist 2023)
11m New Zealand 2023
End of the Road
19m Serbia 2022
Last Shot at Messenger
18m New Zealand 2023
No Acting in It
12m New Zealand 2023
14m Canada 2022
OHMS! Protest! A Celebration of Resistance
30m New Zealand 2023
Self Portrait (Secondary Winner 2023)
34m New Zealand 2023
Strange Beasts
10m Australia, New Zealand 2022
Visiting Ben Shemen
16m New Zealand 2022
When The Sand Stands Still
21m Denmark 2022
When We Dance
30m USA 2022

Virtual Classroom Features 2022

I Am Eleven
1h 38m Genevieve Bailey Australia 2011
1 Way Up: The Story Of Peckham BMX
1h 4m Amy Mathieson 2014
Big in Japan
1h 35m Lachlan McLeod 2018
Brooklyn Castle
1h 21m Katie Dellamaggiore United States 2012
Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet
1h 26m Torsten Hoffmann Michael Watchulonis Australia, Germany 2020
1h 15m Saffron Cassaday 2014
Dancing in Jaffa
1h 26m Hilla Medalia Israel, USA 2013
Driving With Selvi
1h 14m Elisa Paloschi Canada 2015
The Harvest (La Cosecha)
1h 27m U. Roberto Romano 2010
1h 31m Diana Neille Richard Poplak South Africa, Canada 2020
1h 16m Molly Stuart United States 2019
People's Republic of Desire
1h 35m Hao Wu China 2018

Virtual Classroom Shorts 2022

15m Astrid Bussink Netherlands 2017
Forever Home
14m Raquel Korman 2016
Hello Salaam
15m Kim Brand Netherlands 2018
Invasion: The Unist'ot'en's Fight for Sovereignty
19m Michael Toledano Sam Vinal Canada 2019
'Ofeina’o Lesieli
21m Shannon Robinson Tonga, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Fiji 2019
River Queens: Highlight My Strengths
15m Jeremy Lurgio New Zealand, United States 2020
Virtually Free
40m André Robert Lee United States 2020
Who am I?
30m Wanuri Kahiu Nick Reding Kenya 2016

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