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Virtual Classroom Feature Films 2024

Every Little Thing
1h 33m Sally Aitken Australia, New Zealand 2024
Habana Shakes
1h 10m Marcelle Lunam Australia, New Zealand 2024
Ko au te Awa, ko te Awa ko au - I Am The River, The River Is Me
1h 26m Petr Lom Netherlands 2024
Ice Maiden
1h 41m James Blannin-Ferguson Nathaniel Jackson Australia, New Zealand 2024
Invisible Nation
1h 25m VANESSA HOPE United States 2023
1h 11m Maurizio Benazzo Zaya Benazzo United States 2024
Mozart's Sister
1h 30m Madeleine Hetherton-Miau Australia 2024
Name Me Lawand
1h 26m Edward Lovelace United Kingdom 2023
1h 48m Toby Robson United Kingdom 2024
Resilient Man
1h 30m Stéphane Carrel France, UK 2024
Spontaneous Combustion: Songs for Barry Brickell
1h 10m Bruce Robert Foster New Zealand 2024
The Click Trap
1h 30m Peter Porta Spain 2024
The Great White Whale
1h 44m Michael Dillon Australia 2024

Virtual Classroom Short Films 2024

What it Takes to Kart
5m 2024
7m 2024
Heritage Heroes
12m 2024
Teen Spirit
8m 2024
Barefoot Monster
6m 2024
The Custard Square
7m 2024
Son of Samoa
10m 2024
The Farm
14m 2024
Underbirds: The Fight to Save the New Zealand Dotterel
11m 2024
** Winner** No Home Owner
14m 2024
Telesia 2 the World
21m 2024
** Winner** Hounga'ia - Be Grateful
6m 2024
Looking Up
12m Charlotte Gillespie Stephanie Guest Lily Winter New Zealand 2024
Diary of a Head Injury
7m Jonny Kofoed New Zealand 2024
Girl of Wind
38m Nanhsi Yuen China 2023
Girls Move Mountains
20m Anna Huix Spain 2024
Instruments of a Beating Heart
24m Ema Ryan Yamazaki Japan 2024
Losing Blue
17m Leanne Allison Canada 2023
Man of Arran
19m Paul McCambridge Ireland 2023
The Only Girl in the Orchestra
34m Molly O'Brien United States 2023
The Presidents' Tailor
39m Rick Minnich Germany 2024
They Call Me Wazza
9m New Zealand 2024

Virtual Classroom Feature Films 2023

Frances Hodgkins, Anything but a Still Life
1h 30m New Zealand 2023
1h 25m New Zealand 2023
Taking Back Our Beach
1h 27m New Zealand 2023

Virtual Classroom Short Films 2023

Big Kids (Tertiary Finalist 2023)
11m New Zealand 2023
Last Shot at Messenger
18m New Zealand 2023
No Acting in It
12m New Zealand 2023
OHMS! Protest! A Celebration of Resistance
30m New Zealand 2023
Self Portrait (Secondary Winner 2023)
34m New Zealand 2023
Strange Beasts
10m Australia, New Zealand 2022
Visiting Ben Shemen
16m New Zealand 2022

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