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Art and Theatre

Mozart's Sister
1h 30m Madeleine Hetherton-Miau Australia 2024
** Winner** No Home Owner
14m 2024
7m 2024
Resilient Man
1h 30m Stéphane Carrel France, UK 2024
Spontaneous Combustion: Songs for Barry Brickell
1h 10m Bruce Robert Foster New Zealand 2024
Akaou: Tatatau in the cook islands
3m 2016
Bird's Eye!
6m 2019
Frances Hodgkins, Anything but a Still Life
1h 30m New Zealand 2023
No Acting in It
12m New Zealand 2023
Operation: RAMBU!
7m New Zealand 2019
Please Open
3m 2015
3m 2017
The Coffin Club
3m 2017
The Colourist
3m 2016

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