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New Zealand Short Films

The Dental Reunion
15m Michelle Savill New Zealand, United Kingdom 2019
Garage Romantic
13m Dan Sadgrove New Zealand 2021
In Plain Air
16m Miranda Bellamy New Zealand 2020
Mawhialeo Ote Alowha (Our Love)
16m Valeriya Golovina New Zealand 2020
27m Kirsty Griffin Viv Kernick New Zealand 2020
20m Peter Simpson Shuchi Kothari Sarina Pearson New Zealand 2021
20m Rick Harvie New Zealand 2020
The Silent Alps
7m Josh Robertson Ryan Stafford New Zealand 2020
Tapu Te Ranga Marae
29m Vanessa Patea New Zealand 2019
You Could Have Seen The Mona Lisa
6m Doug Dillaman New Zealand 2021

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